Bank of America
Know Your Client (KYC) Approval Process


Goal: Provide an intuitive user experience for CashPro users to submit documents that are required for the know your customer (KYC) process. When users request to approve payments in their or other countries they are required to submit documentation for identity and residency. Requirements are different for every country. User must meet all requirements for every country they require approval for.

A dynamic UI was needed to display document options that are returned from a back-end matrix system. The UI must also allow the user to upload documents and track status.

Persona: Primary & Secondary Administrators, General Users

Key Points:

  • Designed a clean UI to display document options and document upload capabilities
  • Created journey map showing the process of bank and user interaction
  • Built prototype that was used to show Stakeholders and Upper Management on how the user completes the process
  • Implemented visual design and production specs

Journey Map


Visual Design

Document Upload Component