Bank of America
Mobile App Redesign (UX focus)


Goal: Analyzed legacy app for improvements and new functionality opportunities to lead CashPro as best in industry for mobile banking apps.

Personas: Users on the go (CEO’s, decision makers, delivery drivers)

Key Points:

  • Was part of a 5 day sprint process identifying requirements and needs to accomplish best in class goals
  • Built prototypes to demonstrate improvements and new functionality that were presented to stakeholders and upper management for feedback and approval
  • Part of Scrum team to answer questions from development team and QA final code

Journey Map Examples

Wireframe Examples

Prototype Example

    1. Open prototype
    2. Click/tap “Company ID” text (keypad displays)
    3. Click/tap “User ID” text
    4. Click/tap “Password” text (keypad hides and Login button is now active)
    5. Click/tap Login button
    6. Click/tap “Menu” icon to expose/hide side menu